Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hatch Chile Festival

Central Market, at 4821 Broadway in San Antonio, is celebrating its Annual Hatch Chile Festival on August 21 - 23 and August 28 - 30. Truckloads of Hatch chiles are being shipped in from Hatch, New Mexico. There will be chile demos, all sorts of specials, and tasting samples. The festival is happening at all Central Market locations: Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, Dallas, and Southlake, TX.

Some of the items Central Market will be offering during the festival are: Hatch Sausages, Hatch Hamburger Patties, Monterey Jack Cheese with Hatch Peppers, Hatch Pepper Tortillas, Turkey Chile Meatloaf, and Native Texan Hatch Chile con Queso, to name
a few.

There's even a Hatch Recipe Contest. Submit your best Hatch chile recipe by 12:00 P.M., August 20th. (I know that's tomorrow, but I just heard about this today.) Winners receive a $100 Central Market Gift Card and a year's supply of roasted Hatch chiles. Check out the Hatch Recipes that Central Market has to offer.

Then there's the REAL Hatch Chile Festival, held in Hatch, New Mexico, over Labor Day Weekend, September 5th and 6th. Events include a chile cook-off, chile roasting, a parade culminating with the coronation of a Chile Queen, a chile pod competition, and more. Hatch is known as the Chile Capital of the World and rightly so; they produce the best chiles.


Hornsfan said...

This is one my absolute favorite events that Central Market hosts - I LOVE the hatch chilies, I usually grab a bag and freeze them to be tossed into chili, burgers or whatever else strikes my fancy during the time between Hatch Festivals :)

Amanda said...

ohhhhh Hatch chilis!! Ohhhh how I miss them. When I lived in El Paso we would go to the festival in Hatch every year. Nothing smells like that festival when you get out of the car the smell of cooked, smoked, roasted chilis just takes over.

My fav recipes for these chilis is this....recipe varies per serving...

Take a boneless, skinless chicken breast, and one chili per chicken breast.

Slice the chili into strips, and saute in a little butter until slightly tender. Cook the chicken breasts in pan.

Place chicken breasts in a casserole dish, top thesauted chili strips, top with asadero cheese, and cook @ 325 for about 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted and looking good.

Roasted Corn and Green Chilis...

This one is one green chili for every two heads of corn.

Put a little butter on the ears of corn (just slightly coating) and place on the grill. Put the green chili's on the grill, grill for about 5 min each side(turn the corn at the same time).
Take off the grill, cut corn off the cob and place in bowl. Take the skin off the chilis and slice and dice chilis. Mix the corn and chili's mix and serve.

Last fav is mashed potato's, onion, and green chilis.
Basically prepare mashed potato's as you would normally. Saute sweet onion (vadalia is my fav) and green chili's in butter, mix together the potato's and serve.

I couldn't pick a fav, two are
sauted, one grilled. Really you can't go wrong with Hatch chilis!!

The best way EVER to eat Hatch chilis is to go to Chope's restaurant in La Mesa New Mexico and have their Chili rellenos. I can not duplicate it!

I told you I love and miss Hatch chilis!!

girlichef said...

How badly do I want to be there...super bad!!!!

Spryte said...

Ok... I keep hearing about Hatch Chilies.

Is that a particular variety of chile? Or just that they were grown in Hatch?

What's the deal?

Reeni♥ said...

I remember the hatch chile roasting in Tucson - how I would love to be there!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Hello my friend. I hope all is going well. Funny you should mention the Central Market Hatch recipe thingy. My son called the other day (from Dallas) and told me about their Central Market doing the contest. He and my daughter in law wanted to know if they could enter a recipe I concocted made with chicken, green chile and asadero. I said go for it. I hope you enter with one of your recipes. I love the smell of roasting chiles, don't you?

Chef E said...

Oh what a wonderful thing you have posted! I will just have to transport myself there mentally and pretend I am having as much fun as all of you will!

Keep us posted on the out come!

5 Star Foodie said...

Oh, this sounds like such a fun event! Wish I could be there!

Kevin Foster said...

Just got back from CM.

I scored:
Hatch green chile pork sausage
Hatch green chile montery jack cheese
Hatch green chile marinated mozzarella
Hatch green chile pesto
and of course 4 bags of roasted peppers.

I will be making a seriously hatch green chile pizza tonight!