Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kreativ Taco Tuesday

It's Taco Tuesday again! But not just any Taco Tuesday. It's Kreativ Taco Tuesday. Last week, I decided to get kreativ with Taco Tuesdays and set forth a challenge to all Tex-Mex Foodies to come up with kreativ ways to make tacos. I promised to give them a Kreativ Blogger Award I received from Chef Bliss last week.

There were two really kreativ bloggers who took me up on the challenge. Before I show you their tacos, I'll show you mine. After I wrote that post, I had such a taste for tacos that I just had to make them, so I got kreativ and made Tacos and Tostadas. I know, the title of my tacos isn't very kreativ, but they were absolutely awesome!

Since part of the Kreativ Taco Challenge was to be original and kreativ, I didn't follow a recipe, just put together some ingredients: Corn tortillas (cooked in a quesadilla-kind-of-way), refried beans (from a can--so shoot me, I cheated), Mexican Blend cheese, chili-cumin-chipotle seasoned lean ground beef, salsa (from a jar; don't shoot me), chopped-up cucumbers (absolutely delicious and I loved the crunch), lettuce, tomato, raw chopped onions (just a few), and Ranch dressing (didn't have sour cream).

Karen, Domestic Muse, really rose up to the challenge and made a variety of Kreativ Tacos with different fillings, each a variation on My Cheatin' Heart Tacos, saying that tacos are so delicious and fun to make that you can't help but get kreativ! Since Karen enjoys both soft and crunchy tacos, and gets really frustrated when she eats a crunchy taco and it falls to pieces in her hands, she came up with a kreativ solution: She wrapped a soft flour tortilla around a crunchy blue corn tortilla to make Two-Way Double Tacos.

BTW, Karen is very kreativ when it comes to blogging and cooking. Be sure to visit her blog to see what she has cooking. She also has a kreativ Everything Old is New Again contest going on until April 1st and one of the prizes is a copy of my cookbook.

Heather, Girli Chef, got kreativ with Tacos de Chorizo, Papas y Verdes by making her own tomatillo salsa. She didn't follow a recipe, didn't measure ingredients, offered ways to change the tacos to your taste, and threw things together. This is my kind of kreativ cook!

Karen and Heather, you've both totally earned the Kreativ Blogger Award for your kreativ tacos. Wear it with pride.

We're running out of Tuesdays this month, and I still have a lot of food to feed you, so Taco Tuesdays are being retired for the rest of the month.

Still haven't discovered my secret surprise? I know I've said this every time I've referred to what I've been creating for Tex-Mex Foodies, but the clue today is: Tex-Mex Foodies. BTW, Karen is getting really close to finding it. Thursday is the day to share my secret so the search is still on. Find out what I've been up to and you win prizes.

NEWS UPDATE: Karen just found me! YAY!! She wins a San Antonio T-shirt and a San Antonio refrigerator magnet. Good job, Karen! :)

Tomorrow, we're exploring the whole enchilada.


girlichef said...

Yay! My first badge :) And for making something I love anyway...thanks Gloria! Now, let's go get a taco...

ChefBliss.com said...

HA!! Congrats to Karen and the Kreativ Taco-ers! These all look wonderful! And Gloria, I love the addition of cucumbers, awesome!!

Reeni♥ said...

Yay! Karen!! I can't wait to find out what it is. The tacos look really good!! Very kreative!

Meg said...

Yeah for yummy tacos!