Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Fiesta of Foods and Flavors

Thanks, everyone, for coming to my cookbook's birthday party for Foods and Flavors of San Antonio! It's time to wrap this up. I've had a blast at my Fiesta of Foods and Flavors, blogging the birthday party every day this month to celebrate the publication of my new cookbook. But I have to tell ya, I'm kind of burned out on blogging, so I'll be taking a break for a week or so.

Hope everyone had fun at my Fiesta and enjoyed the food that so many Fiesta Foodies brought to the party and shared so generously!

Lots of other things were birthed this month, including two new sites: Tex-Mex Foodies, a network for people who love Tex-Mex Food (it's still a baby site, so please come on over and join us), and a companion site, Tex-Mex Foodies... Recipes. It's a work-in-progress; I'm building a database of Tex-Mex recipes.

Three new foodie blog events were born this month!

Second Sunday San Antonio, a once-a-month event where we cook a recipe from my cookbook. The round-up will be posted on the second Sunday each month. We're cooking Mexican Pork Chops this month, so if you'd like to cook with us, you can find the recipe by clicking on the link. The first foodie to post will get to choose the recipe for the next month. Since Chef Bliss was the first foodie this month (she helped me launch the event), she gets to choose the recipe for next month.

All foodies have been challenged to The Whole Enchilada Throwdown, a once-a-month event where we define what the whole enchilada is and make (you guessed it!) enchiladas. There could be a mini-cookbook involved with this that I'm cooking up -- more on this later. The round-up will be posted on April 18th. There's a prize for the first month! A copy of my new cookbook!

Taco Tuesdays, a once-a-month event where we make tacos, or any of their cousins--tostadas or taquitos, or their relatives--quesadillas and flautas. You can even make nachos if you want. The round-up will be posted on the third Tuesday each month.

It's time for presents! I promised you presents at my cookbook's birthday party and it's time to deliver:

Heather, Girli Chef, is the winner of a copy of Foods and Flavors of San Antonio because she got kreativ with her tacos and also participated in my Fiesta chili cook-off, and because she loves Tex-Mex food. If you'd like to win a copy of my cookbook, you'll have 22 chances next month and I'll explain how after I finish giving out the presents!

There was a three-way tie for the Fiesta Chili Cook-Off Champ this month, so Heather, Girli Chef--Roasted Pork and Poblano Chili, Karen, Domestic Muse--Three Sisters White Chili, and Mary Beth, Dunkin Cooking the Semi-Homemade Way--Refried Bean Chili, each win a San Antonio chile pepper refrigerator magnet, plus bragging rights and this really hot winner's badge for their blogs.

Karen, Domestic Muse, wins a San Antonio T-Shirt and a San Antonio refrigerator magnet for being the first person to search for and find my new site, Tex-Mex Foodies.

Tiersa, Chef Bliss, also wins a T-Shirt and a refrigerator magnet because she made Mexican Pork Chops (my favorite recipe in the cookbook) and helped me launch Second Sunday San Antonio and because she's been cooking up some wonderful things to help me promote my cookbook and just because she's so blissful.

Teresa, Mexican American Border Cooking, Reeni, Cinnamon, Spice, and Everything Nice, and Meg, Megan's Munchies, all win a San Antonio refrigerator magnet because they've all reviewed my cookbook and said nice things, they've shared their food at my Fiesta, and they're also helping me promote my cookbook and we've cooked up a cookbook giveaway for April.

For everyone who brought food to the party, and for everyone who came to my Fiesta, and for everyone who loves San Antonio and Tex-Mex food, you're all Fiesta Foodies, so this Fiesta Foodie badge is for you! BTW, we have a real Fiesta here, a 10-day event from April 16th through the 26th, filled with fun and food, carnivals and parades. When we have the Battle of the Flowers parade, all the businesses and banks close because everyone is downtown at the parade. Over 3 million people come to San Antonio to party at Fiesta. I'll definitely be partying and I'll bring the party to you on this blog.

Heather, Girli Chef, gave me two awards last week and I'd like to share them. I'm giving the Friends Award to all the Fiesta Foodies listed on my sidebar for all your wonderful help in reviewing my cookbook and making recipes and/or for sharing your food at my Fiesta.

Heather also gave me the Lemonade Award. I'd like to share this with two foodies who brought such delicious, refreshing drinks to the party that I know we all enjoyed:

Aggie, Aggie's Kitchen, for her margaritas, and Teresa, Mexican-American Border Cooking, for spiking almost everything with Kahlua.

Want to have 21 chances to win a copy of Foods and Flavors of San Antonio next month? Each week, Reeni, Meg, Tiersa, and Teresa will take turns hosting a cookbook contest giveaway on their blogs and will be offering you 5 chances to win each week. Visit their blogs on the respective week for details:

Reeni, Cinnamon, Spice, and Everything Nice, April 1 - 7;
Meg, Megan's Munchies, April 8 - 14;
Tiersa, Chef Bliss, April 15 - 21;
Teresa, Mexican American Border Cooking, April 22 - 28.

I know you can count and that's only 20. Here's the other one: If you win The Whole Enchilada Throwdown, you also win a copy of my cookbook.

Just because my Fiesta of Foods and Flavors is over, it doesn't mean the foods and flavors are over. That's what the cookbook, and this blog, is all about. I'll be sharing my own food and the flavor of San Antonio, and there's another Fiesta giveaway next month--Fiesta T-Shirts to celebrate San Antonio's Fiesta.

Thanks, everyone, for partying at my Fiesta of Foods and Flavors.


girlichef said...

Gloria, I have had so much fun at the fiesta this past month! I'm super excited to win your cookbook (OMG!!)...it's been on my list to purchase, so hooray! I'm also super grateful for the awards and proud to be a part of your tex-mex foodies! You've been an inspiration for me in my first couple of "blogger" months and look forward to interacting with all the new friends I've met through all of your great fiesta activities!

ChefBliss.com said...

Wow, what a way to end the month! Congrats to all the wonderful winners and thanks for my surprise prize, how cool!!! It seems like yesterday that we got this party started and I've really enjoyed it all!! Thanks for throwing such a great party!!

Karen said...

This was a fun celebration, Gloria!

Reeni♥ said...

It was such a fun month! I can't believe it's over already!! You deserve a rest!

Aggie said...

Wow, what a month for you Gloria!! Visiting this site has made me hungry every single time!!

Thanks for passing on the award to me...congrats to you for the awards and for the fantastic cookbook!

Now go take a break! ;)

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Gloria, Congratulations on cooking up such a wonderful celebration! I'm sad to see it end, but am amazed by your seemingly endless energy. I am so thrilled I tied for the Chili cookoff!! Congrats to Heather and MaryBeth too!

I'm in the middle of moving, so I'll pop in and out as I can over the next week.

:) K